Myself and Fabulous Miss K, vintage fashion stylist, have since before Christmas been working on our own very exciting vintage project…Vintage Trail Norwich –  A new free vintage magazine.

It’s been a compete work in progress, and super fun concept to work on from scratch. Miss K and I have been having flying conversions about how great it would be to make an all inclusive vintage map of Norwich. So we finally put our heads together and came up with a plan. It went from starting with a fold out leaflet map to, ‘why not producing a mini magazine?!’ Then we’ve added more content too.  It’s been awesome to to put together, design as well as collaborating with Miss K for our editors meetings!

The idea behind it –  Norwich has such a large vintage following and community, we wanted to make Norwich a destination vintage shopping town and produce a guide for finding the go to places by vintage shopping professionals! We also want to show that not only are there vintage shops, market stalls, antique centres, a large offering of charity shops of all shapes and sizes and travelling large vintage fairs – Norwich  has a wonderful and knowledgeable group of vintage traders who sell online and at local fairs, who we wanted to include as part of the fabric of vintage in the city.

We are so excited to show y’all. We will be launching it as part of Norwich Fashion Week 2017 which kicks off very soon on the 9th March.  We will be taking over the Birdcage on Saturday 11th March with a selection of spring ready vintage, so come along and pick up your free copy of Vintage Trail Norwich.  Plus all those at NFW Vintage Show will get a copy to take home too.

We hope you like it!